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FIve Dimensions of a Brand

After years of working with clients and organizations, we have developed a proprietary system on creating an Intentional Distinct Dynamic Brand®. Our system is unique in that we apply it to one of our signature programs that takes you through an intensive process of creating your own authentic brand message. Our distinct Five Steps to a Distinct Dynamic Brand® is a proprietary process that we have cultivated through working with clients who realize that their image and brand identity is a cornerstone of their performance as an individual and not always tied to what they do.

Harris & Barnes approach to image expands to communicating beyond the aesthetic components. Communications on many levels is visual brand creation, verbal communication and etiquette and behavior that's appealing and situation appropriate. It's our brand message to the world. How we show up, who we be, our environment and peers and our contribution and legacy to this world.

Our Programs

You're accomplished, educated and in spite of the economic waves have managed to secure a job that reflects your education and skills. You've even received recognition from your peers as a great team player. But you realize that you want to rev it up and go for greater income and visibility.

What they're struggling with?

You know you add value.. You want to be seen as a game changer but not quite sure how to go about it the process that doesn't go against your values of who you truly are. reflects who you are (in an authentic way) (Not sure of how to get noticed as a valued contributor in your industry. Unclear of how to show up in a bigger way and become one of influence)

What you need right now?

You've had success in your life. You've made a name for yourself in your have had some success in their career but due to a big promotion or opportunity need to increase their game. They need to walk the talk and gain the respect of their peers and colleagues but not by the same old rules!

From Invisible to Influential is the program for you. This coaching and branding program is exactly what you need to take you from being on the bench to the team's MVP.

You're a leader. You're well accomplished. You've played the game and played it well and are well known and respected. You've been there done that! Got the house, the car and all the material things to show for it (merit award and title to prove it) and you're asking yourself…"is this it?" All of that, for this? but now you're ready to do something more meaningful with your life. How do you go about that with intentional authenticity and integrity?

What their issues tend to be struggling with?

Uncertain of how to transition… your role into your desired passion without sacrificing your lifestyle? Afraid of being and doing something different? Frustrated with the status quo. What and how do I do anything differently? Who do I be? Who are you without the title?

What you need most right now?

Is a process to discover your new brand sans the title. way to re-brand yourself and permission to grant yourself to do it! Clarity on YOU, the brand, not your title or role.

You've put your time in and have come to close this chapter of your life. You've been acknowledged and have finished your career. How will you spend the remainder of your time? Golf course? Community? What will be your legacy of excellence?

What you need most right now?

A roadmap to create the next chapter in your life. This program will help you bring into fruition what you've always dreamed of but didn't have the time as life kept happening.


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It's not slickness, polish, uniqueness, or cleverness that makes a brand a brand…It's the TRUTH. ~ Harry Beckwith

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