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We strive to provide excellence in all we do. You don 't have to take our word for it -- take look at what some of our clients think...


"Sonya is amazing to work with. My company hired her to work with me extensively for the past 2 years and I have learned so much from her insights and coaching. I went from one way of thinking about myself as a leader to expanding my leadership skills and empowering my team. My image and brand has accelerated and I am now in a position I have worked for after intense work. She makes me feel safe while showing me how to present myself not just in my Texas style dress, but how I communicate with my peers and my team. I would recommend her for anyone who's looking to take their career to the next level."

Kirk Pearcy - Divisional Vice President, Genworth Financial

“As part of Corning, Inc. Affinity groups, the training and skills we received on Domestic Etiquette & Protocol was wonderful! I wish I had received this earlier to help me understand the cultural differences! Sonya was fun and very informative. I am still waiting on my next official dinner! Thanks so much.”"

Ashish Galhotra - SH&E Engineer, Corning Incorporated

"Sonya is the little voice in my head when I go shopping. My sixteen year old daughter and I often ask ourselves “what would Sonya say” when we are admiring the latest trendy fashions. Sonya’s message is simple, concise and idiot proof. Once she teaches you the basics, you will save tons of time and money because you will no longer make bad buying decisions. I love her sayings such as: “one hit wonder”; “wearing Lycra is a privilege not a right”; and of course “just say no”. I consider myself blessed to know her-Sonya is amazing!"

Mary T. Moose - RFC & Financial Planner, Victory Wealth Management

"Sonya's passion, energy and positive nature are contagious. Her attention to detail and listening has been instrumental. If you are looking for the next level coach, that pays attention to what's necessary in the business world today, coupled with enthusiasm, Sonya is the coach for you."

Brett Williams - VP Eastern Region, AIG SunAmerica

"Sonya is a walking, talking example of what it means to be excellent. I hired Sonya to provide a keynote presentation on "Professional Image" to an audience of professionals at Bank of America. Not only was her content superb, valuable, and timely but it was delivered in a way that was engaging, credible, and memorable. Here it is, 5 years later, and I know of individuals still using her tips! When you experience someone like Sonya, you never forget her and look forward to any opportunity to work with her again."

Michele D. Lewis - Global Leadership and Organizational Development Consultant, SAS

"In working with Sonya over the past couple of years, our organization and region has had a better awareness of how we show up for our customers. We have grown as a team and have seen a marked increase in our team morale and professionalism. She's first class!"

Jerry Preston - Team Lead Applications Specialist, GEHC

"We had Sonya come to speak to our group of professionals for our affinity group at Bank Of America. Our results from her presentation showed a 97% rating of effective presentation and knowledge of presenter. We continue to measure the results and have found that over 70% of participants use the professional presence information and would continue to receive further coaching."

Natalie Brown - Senior Vice-President, Bank of America

"I want to thank you for your high caliber presentation to our top producers. You obviously got them thinking about their transformation immediately, the very next day they took action!"

Stephanie Ann Wall - Agency Field Executive, State Farm Insurance

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